Not a bad effort

Savages - Greg F. Gifune

The first chapter wastes no time setting up the situation and introducing the characters seamlessly. By the second chapter, the creep factor is already seeping in and escalates from there.


A group of people are stranded on an island after their ship sinks followed by getting thrown out of their life raft by a big wave against a reef from a second storm. They have to survive but not everyone got on the island ok.


It could use an edit for occasional awkward language or wrong form of words (bare instead of bear) but it's mostly well written. Gotta wonder where writers get character names sometimes. Dallas and Quinn? Really?


Despite the occasional hiccups, it's an engrossing story and kept my attention. The personalities of the characters develop along the way and only a couple of them border on the cliche, but basically they encourage sympathy and there were a few I hoped would survive.


There's a transition that I thought happened a little too suddenly where the title earns its name and some supernatural elements, but mainly it's a story about people who get some things right and some things wrong in their efforts to survive. There's some intense action at the end and an outcome that fits the story.


Overall I thought it was a good read for the genre.