Needed something short to read

The Cankerworm of Memphis (Egyptos Book 1) - Clinton Seeber

The Cankerworm of Memphis

by Clinton A. Seeber

I needed to read something that would have a quick conclusion, so got this short one and its sequels while they were up for free.


Doctor John Benoit is a French Canadian archaeologist who visits the Sphinx in Egypt with his assistant from Alabama, Suzanne Bridges. They have a permit to study the site, but sneak in after hours and unsupervised, which in real life would get them deported.

The writing was decent, but fell into beginner traps like giving a laundry list of what the characters wore right at the beginning. There were a couple of typos that slipped through, even in just these ten pages.

It was still interesting enough to go on to the second part. It's the start of a five part series, but reads more like a first chapter. It's just enough to start to get to know the characters and have one weird thing happen to grab interest.