Reading progress update: I've read 153 out of 1104 pages.

It - Stephen King

I see why there is such a high page count now. 150 pages in and the story is still being set up. I'm not complaining, just noting the style.


There could be spoilers ahead so this is really written for those who have already read it (that would be everybody except me) and are vicariously enjoying my first trip to Derry.


So, so far there has only been one murder seen in 1958, but after reeling ahead to 1985, the individual stories of a group of people who were kids at the time who made a pact to return if it ever started happeneing again, there are suggestions that a lot more happened in 1958 than the story has shown so far and we're going to learn all about it as we go along. These individual stories have left me bored, fascinated, angry, but most of all, invested. I can't quit now. I have to find out what happened.


King, you bastard!