Something spooky for Halloween!

The Last Ghost - Dennis Liggio

The Last Ghost is a short, just 32 pages, told in first person. The story description says: " In his ancestral home, a man puts his family's affairs in order, alone except for the ticking of a clock. But he soon finds that he is not alone as he is visited by a succession of ghosts."


It starts out as a nice little story that sounds like it will go on this way, the protagonist making observations as he is constantly watched by a ghost in the house and others come along, each with their own distinct personalities.

Then it takes a dark turn, leading to a great twist.

This is one of those hidden gems we're always hearing about that you only find by wading through the slush. It's an easy five stars and I will be looking for this author again.

Would make a great Halloween read for anyone looking for some spooky entertainment tonight that isn't too long to finish.