Ghost story book haul

Ghosts of Tsavo (Society for Paranormals Book 1) - Vered Ehsani The Hilliard Haunting: A Novella - Scott Donnelly Horror Fiction : The Black Apostles - Tony Keegan Closer to Knowing - Brandy Leigh Demon Flower - Christopher Alan Ott Fiends: Ten Tales of Demons: Dark Fantasy Stories (Ten Tales Fantasy Stories Book 11) - Rayne Hall, Mitch Sebourn, Douglas Kolacki, Mark Cassell, Heide Goody, Pamela Turner, Jake Elwood, Tracie McBride, Kelda Critch, Debbie Christiana Kingdom of Shadows - Greg F. Gifune Human: A Ghost Story - Brian  Rowe The Last Ghost - Dennis Liggio

I've collected up a batch of short stories and novellas from the Horror category, mostly while they were free. I have no idea if any of them are going to be any good. My expectation is that I'll find a mixed bag; some good, some not worth reading. Being free doesn't mean being bad, it's just modern marketing.


There are more than I've pictured here. I figure if one in ten turn out to be worth the time spent reading, I'll be doing well. Reports will follow as I absorb each one.