DNF after one chapter

Circus of Horrors - Carole Gill

I'm not going to rate this. The writing isn't bad. Sort of what I call generic American male trying to sound gritty. Grammar and sentence structure are fine, if a little on the amateur side. Sentences too long etc.


What made me put this down was the rank ignorance of the subject matter.


I expected the cannibalism. It's supposed to be Horror after all. I might have been able to eventually reconcile that a circus troupe was traveling around in a tour bus like a rock group. Sort of. Camping in tents? A real circus takes a whole civilization with it. Train or truck cars for dressing rooms, etc. And no one can live in clown make-up 24/7, the skin has to breathe.


The real death knell was the second time the author referred to circus people as carnies. Once could have been a typo, but the second time was emphasized as if she knew what she was talking about.


Circus people are not carnies! Carnival people are carnies and they are definitely not interchangeable.


Authors, do your research!