Creepy Clown Book Haul

Joyland - Stephen King A Spark of Justice - J.D. Hawkins Dark Perceptions (Mystic's Carnival Collective) - Debra Kristi, Tiffany Johnson Circus of Horrors - Carole Gill It - Stephen King Bobo - Richard Schiver

It came up in conversation the other day that I haven't yet read It by Stephen King. I had to ask myself why. I've loved every Horror novel I've ever read from Stephen King. I love anything to do with circuses or carnivals. So why hadn't I read this classic?


This, of course, led to a small shopping spree for creepy clown and carny books. I not only got both It and Joyland, but I also picked up a few other stories that struck me as good possibilities. One of them, A Spark of Justice, is a Mystery, but it was recommended to me by a friend who read it recently.


Circus of Horrors was actually free that day, so it would have been rude not to. Now all I need is time. I read a lot of boring reports for my job, so I don't get as much leisure reading time as I would like.


I'm wondering if the movie version of It is any good? Anyone seen it? I saw the DVD going cheap on Amazon, so I am sorely tempted. I want to read the book first in any case.


I've made a special shelf for circus and carny books. It's my first genre shelf here on Booklikes. If anyone has any recommendations for things to add to it, please speak up! It may take me a while to get through this half dozen, but I'll get there.