Alternative Christmas story

Maureen's Christmas Carol (Maureen #4) - Jonathan Hill

This was an amusing take-off on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol that made me think it would make a great Tim Burton movie. I found it original and funny while nodding and even apologizing to the original material.


Maureen is a strong-willed character and might just give the ghosts a few surprises while they're going through their usual past, present and future routine. The only thing I found a little weak was the ending, but the journey was enough fun to make it worth the .99 I spent.


This only really counts as Horror because there are ghosts. If you're looking for a creepy ghost story version of this, well let me know if you find it. When it gets closer to Christmas I may even go looking for one. In the meantime, this is good for a laugh and I would definitely read the author again.