Uncomfortable conclusion

We Fear The Living - Dwayne Fry, Dwayne Fry

The story grabbed my attention in the first paragraph with ghostly high school children attending school out of habit. They occasionally get surprised when they are reminded they're ghosts and forget from day to day, though some of them remember. We learn early on that there was a fire and the children died in that, along with some of the staff.

I found it an interesting study of coping with change and the philosophical questions of life after death. There were a few missed words, but otherwise good spelling and grammar.

The plot really gets going when some of the living visit the derelict school building. There's a small group of paranormal investigator kids, but the building is claimed by gangs and there is some really unpleasant and violent stuff when they clash. The distinctive thing about the story is that all the unpleasantness comes from the living, not the ghosts. They even try to help the paranormal investigator kids when one gang finds them on their turf.


If you're sensitive to violence toward women, you might want to skip this one. It doesn't pull punches.