Steps outside the usual formula

THE APPOINTMENT: A chilling ghost story of malevolence and death - Peppi Hilton

Haunted house stories where a real estate agent, usually female, goes into the house and encounters malevolent spirits are getting a little too frequent, but this one stepped outside the box and was written very well.


The Appointment by Peppi Hilton is fairly short, just 141 pages,  about Kelly, a level-headed woman who didn't believe in superstitions. She is not afraid to visit remote properties alone in her employment as a real estate photographer, but is told to take a companion with her when she goes to photograph a remote property that has been empty for a long time.

The trouble with shorter stories is you get a lot of information dumping. The descriptions of characters are a little klunky but don't disturb the story too badly.

The author is good at building tension and there are some surprises, adding the sort of details that can make a really good story. However, Kelly makes some stupid and unlikely decisions, beggaring believability. The sort of stuff that deserves to be in the next Scary Movie parody.

But I was morbidly drawn in and my attention held to see what would happen next. If it wasn't for Kelly's idiocy, it would be worth a good four stars.